Evolving role of a CFO 

Gone are those days wherethe role of a CFO was only concerned with financial systems and guard financial statements. In current scenario, the most successful CFOs are value creators & help CEOs to build a more agile & dynamic enterprises.

CFO in a startup environment

In a typical organisation, CFO is the 3rd highest ranking leader, after CEO & COOA Startup is anything but typical where the founder is the CEO & unless the COO has a well-versed finance background, there is no one to meticulously examine the financial information to enable the CEO to take better decisions

A CFO in a startup has to be multi-discplined & has to have good understanding of how the business of the startup is conducted & how it plans to acheive the future milestones

How will we help?

Hiring a dedicated CFO in the initial stages of starting up is too expensive and hence most startups do not have a CFO for several years

We are here to bridge the gap to provide CFO services at a much more affordable rate then hiring a dedicated person/ team from big consulting firms.

With the combined experince of 10+ years in preparing, presenting, auditing, & monitoring the financial statements & businesess accumen, we provide startups the
full-fledged services of a CFO at a fraction of a cost 

The services include:

  • Monitoring financial statements

  • Tracking KPIs

  • Strategy formulation & decision making

  • Projection report on future strategy

  • Comparison with budgets & analysis of variance